Nick Cortale


Published in the Journal of Open Source Software, skedm is an implementation of empirical dynamic modeling with the familiar api of scikit-learn.


An implementation of convergent cross mapping with the familiar api of scikit-learn.


A docker based project layout for deploying scikit-learn models as an API endpoint.

Nonlinear forecasting of intertidal shoreface evolution

Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science

Methods in nonlinear time series forecasting and genetic programming applied to these data corroborate that coastal morphology at these scales is predominately driven by nonlinear internal dynamics, which partially mask external forcing signatures. PDF

skedm: Empirical Dynamic Modeling

The Journal of Open Source Software

This python package implements nonlinear time series analysis techniques, also referred to as empirical dynamic modeling, based on many of the workflows and routines within TISEAN (Hegger and Schreiber 1999) and (Ye et al. 2017).

Insights into coral reef benthic dynamics from nonlinear spatial forecasting.

The Royal Society

Here, we adjust spatial forecasting to handle discrete data and apply a nonlinear forecasting technique to explore the ubiquity of nonlinear determinism in irregular spatial configurations of coral and algal taxa from Palmyra Atoll, a relatively pristine reef in the central Pacific Ocean. PDF